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August 19, 2013
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You slowly moved on the comfy bed with your bare legs touching the silky fabrics that your skin would never get used to. Nothing of that sort existed naturally on Earth but you considered yourself to be the luckiest woman on the planet because your set was imported from Asgard. You barely opened your eyes to come across with a familiar scene, your eyes lingered on the wide window on your left side and they were slightly overwhelmed with the moonlight peeking into the room each time the curtains moved. You stretched your arms up with a wide smile taking over you and the cool air sneaking inside tickled against your arms that you just put over yourself. You could feel that your nightgown was almost completely pushed up, nothing was certainly covering your legs, and you felt the absence of warmth on your right side that you were very used to feeling with your big husband sleeping next to you half naked every night.

You groaned and turned toward your right side to see that he wasn’t in the bed with you. That was odd. You pushed the blanket where the several scraps of black lace were strewn across the silk sheets. You sat up and directly looked at the clock.

3:37 a.m.

He could be in the bathroom, why would you be so worried about him? What could possibly happen to him on this planet? He was the God of Thunder, the demigod everyone feared— the brute son of Odin, the mighty Thunderer! But for you, he was just a delicate gem even more beautiful than those Asgardian ones he’d occasionally gift you to appreciate your beauty. You crossed your arms and pouted, waiting for him to come back to bed already because you needed your personal radiator or radia”thor” as you called him to tease him. You stared at the clock for a while and after about ten minutes you gave up and decided to search your sweet bestial lover. You got on your bare feet and silently eased into the kitchen, with as much food as he ate this would be the first stop for you.

“This is so weird…” your voice cracked as you stared into the empty kitchen; nothing was out of place either. You were sure that he didn’t come this way so you decided to try the living room. Maybe he was upset about something and he didn’t want to tell you about it? There had been moments when something upset him, he’d try to overcome it himself alone thinking he was the mightiest hero of them all—oh yes he was, but life on Earth was much more complicated than that.

You tiptoed into the living room to come across something you’d never seen happen before. There sat the Lord of Asgard in front of your small ____(f/c) laptop, the brightness of the screen was surely overwhelming his aquatic eyes since he was frowning like he was staring at his brother Loki. Your eyes scanned over his beautiful golden hair with excitement, it was past his shoulders again and that reminded you that you were supposed to have his hair cut last week. But you always made up excuses because you adored how soft it was, braiding his hair was your favorite past time—he seemed to know that and always let you. You saw that he was wearing a dark blue t-shirt that felt too tight against his wide shoulders and big arms, you gave up on finding clothes fit for him a long time ago and you somehow didn’t really complain about his tight “sexy” clothes. You loved indulging in such view, he was yours and you knew no mortal woman would be luckier than you.

You tilted your head and leaned on the door for a split second before you came back to your senses again. What would a man do in the middle of the night in front of a computer? Was he… watching something? What would guys watch at such time? Your eyes opened wide and a mixed feeling of fear and uneasiness pooled your stomach, your lips curled and you took timid steps towards his back. You already knew that you had to make sure he knew you were approaching; you didn’t want to risk death in case he thought you were a thief. He could send you through the walls of your house and kill you with one blow of his hand. You pushed back a strand of hair from your face and sighed deeply to address him.

“Th-Thor…?” you said very slowly not to scare him, he nevertheless slightly jumped from his seat and turned to face you with a smile too bright for such a late time at night.

“____(y/n), have you had a bad dream?” his voice instantly melt your heart and you smiled at him yet it was a half smile with ideas storming inside your head. He didn’t seem to be hiding anything from you, he seemed very happy as he always did.

“No, I was just wondering where you were and…” you didn’t really finish that sentence as you came right next to him. You let your left arm go around his shoulders and you twisted your hand so that your fingers would be roaming among his soft facial hair. You felt that he instantly put his right arm around your waist.

“Forgive me for alarming you my love, it was not my intention at all” Thor said with his adorable accent and voice. You put your chin over his golden locks and smelled the heavenly scent coming off his hair; your eyes took the advantage of your broken eye contact to roam over the laptop screen. It surely wasn’t what you expected to see, you weren’t sure what to feel about what you were staring at either.

“Why are you on a recipe website, sweetheart?” you asked him and pulled away to look into his eyes that seemed rather playful. He grinned and shook his head.

“Ever since you’ve taught me the ways of this system called the internet, I’ve made the decision to utilize googoo and learn new things about your way of life” he said with excitement and you miserably failed at holding back your laughter with the way he pronounced “Google”. You bit your lips very hard and stared at him like he was an adorable cat.

“Goldilocks, it is not googoo it is Google!” you burst into laughter and buried your head on his neck to hold back, he just smelled so good.

“Oh shut up! I don’t make fun of you for not knowing the ways of Asgardian champions!” he said and violently pulled you by your waist to make you sit on his lap. You blocked the brightness radiating off the laptop and you could see your relatively small silhouette on him, his playfulness seemed to disappear when he looked into your eyes deeply. His left hand went through your hair and gently pushed it away, you never understood how you could send him into such trances sometimes but there was no complaining because you wanted him, all the time.

“I gave you my word that I would do my best tomorrow” he whispered and cupped your cheek with his hand that’d been roaming in your hair.

“It’s not something so serious to leave you sleepless or anything…” you murmured and put your hand on his face to gently caress his alluring face. His free hand went on yours and he smirked.

“It does not matter, for I will give my lady the honor she requires” he whispered and before you could even react he pressed his soft lips on yours.

You tried to keep your eyes open to see his closed ones that seemed to be in complete bliss, but with the shock of the way he made you feel you weren’t able to keep them open for too long. Once more you knew why he was the Thunder God, the way he made you feel was as if he was electrifying you, every small kiss he placed on your lips was a single current going through your body. You felt that his hands went on your back and he seemed very excited with the way you returned his kisses with so much desire. You suddenly moved both of your hands through his hair and took a tight hold of it, this made Thor become drunk with emotions, and you felt that the ferocious side of him would soon take over to demand all of your love which you’d give him gladly even if he didn’t ask for it so desperately. You pulled back to stare into the deep sea of his blue eyes that matched his t-shirt. You felt his warm breath against your mouth and your noses touched a couple times with the way you both were shaking with blinding lust.

“All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins and powers my heart, that beats for you” Thor said in a low voice and pulled your hand on his chest so you’d feel his heavy heartbeats. You were too weak against his sweet words, your lips parted and you barely pulled yourself together to say something.

“And it causes this crazy storm inside my heart” your staggered breathing made you sound like you were choking. You felt that the demigod placed his hands around you and swept you off your feet in an instant like you were a single feather.

“Thor…” you hesitantly whispered as he led you back to your spacious bedroom.

He didn’t say anything or even look at you; he walked over to your bed and placed you right in the middle of it. You stared at him in awe as he took his shirt off to reveal his porcelain smooth, hard rock torso that you would never get over no matter how many times you’d seen it. He kept his eyes locked with yours as he placed himself right over you without giving his weight on your feeble body, you let your hands flutter over his wide chest and you moved them to his stomach to outline his abs. At first you thought he’d reach out to remove your clothes, but to your surprise he slowly came closer to your face and stared at you with a small smile. You heard a strange humming noise coming from the edge of the room, you tried to prop yourself up on one elbow, but Thor barely let you lift your head.

“Is that Mjolnir making that noise?” you whispered. Thor’s eyes flickered, aware enough to feel self-conscious under the spell you put him under.

“I suppose I am very excited. Does it matter since you cannot wield it?” he murmured and made you feel a little awkward. Your eyes narrowed and you started to nod, he raised an eyebrow in his confusion.

“I can wield Mjolnir, just not that one” you said and Thor yanked himself, burying his face that just turned tomato red under his hands. You figured he’d stay like that for a while with the way you embarrassed him but what you said was true.

“I pray to Gods that Heimdall did not listen to this certain conversation” your heard his muffled cute voice, you smirked and pushed yourself back on your pillow since he wasn’t on top of you to stop you anymore. The shy prince lifted his head and sniffed awkwardly, moving himself next to you with an impressed face.

“Is my princess too jaded to battle me at such a late hour?” Thor said with one elbow on the pillow while his other free arm went around your belly. You were already feeling relaxed and sleep wanted to take over so badly, you sucked in a deep breath and faced his adorable complexion that seemed a little disappointed.

“Can you just hug me?” you said in a tiny voice with your eyes half open. Thor’s face seemed like he was both victorious that you ended up not being able to do what you claimed you could and sad that you politely turned him down for the night.

“Of course, my lady” he whispered and pulled you closer to him, you almost seemed like you weren’t there with how big his body was that just enveloped you. You let out a sigh with the way you felt so comfortable and finally very warm.

“I shall make you proud in the morning” you heard him say weakly in his relaxation. You drifted to sleep listening to the God’s calmed heartbeats.
Hello my mighty Thunderers!

I’ve had too many Thor feels in the last couple days so I decided to write a oneshot with him BUT my feels were too much that this ended up to be a mini 2 part story. I just love this man so much; I hope you enjoy reading this because I certainly enjoyed writing it! :iconovariesplz::iconhappythor::iconovariesplz:

Please add this to your :+fav:s if you think Thor is just an amazing sweet brute! I just love him so bad I cant even…*faints* Thanks for reading, fair maiden!:iconthorhandkissplz:


You can check out my oneshots and mini stories like these in this GALLERY
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