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August 21, 2013
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“____(y/n)?” you heard Natasha’s hesitant voice echoing in your ears as you kept staring at Tony completely frozen with overwhelming guilt. He didn’t seem like he had any idea of what was going on and your silence was surely making everyone uneasy around you. Thor slightly shook you while your eyes slowly filled with tears. You killed Tony Stark because you tried to save him, was that it? Were you foolish to think you could change the future?

“When I saved Tony, I did so by mixing my own blood with his because I had lady Eir’s blood flowing inside me. But my blood has…” you swallowed the rest of the sentence in your disappointment in yourself for not thinking your actions through at all. You felt Thor’s grasp tightening on your arm.

“You mixed your radioactive blood with mine?!” Tony shrieked and seemed quite sweaty under the suit. You walked towards him very fast and took a hold of his arm, giving every single one of your friends a determined look.

“I will take him to lady Eir right away, I will see you guys later” you said and the blue aura took you and him away from your friends before any of them could say anything. It was fortunate that you’d been to Eir’s healing room before so that you could manage to teleport yourself there with ease. You found yourself right in front of the silver doors inside the Asgardian hospital. You heard Tony’s anxious breathing next to you as he looked around frantically not believing that you teleported him.

“What the hell?!” seemed like the only thing he could come up with in his amazement.

You ignored his exclamation and started to bang on the door. You weren’t sure how much time Tony had considering you spent quite some time on the tower after you’d saved him. You panicked even more thinking whatever it was would be already mixed in his blood, you hurriedly knocked on the delicate door, and it was almost brutal. The doors swiftly opened to reveal the figure of lady Eir, she took a step back while holding her blue dress in shock.

“No time to explain lady Eir. My blood has mixed with this mortal’s blood and I need you to save him!” you shouted.

“What did you just call me?’ Tony said, you couldn’t believe how playful he could sound even though he was on the edge of death.

“Tony, take off your suit!” your face puckered, the suit popped open and Tony came out of it with a grin.

“So eager” he said, you let out a deep sigh knowing he was trying to cheer you up even when he was dying.  You pulled Tony by his arm violently and led him onto the soft bed you rested before. He sat down and gave his surroundings a curious look.

“How much blood was mixed?” Eir asked and started to get her big glass bowl where she’d made your mixture before.

“Not much just a couple drops” you told her and went next to her—looking around to see if you could help her with anything at all.

“We can still reverse it but the solution alone will not be enough to reverse the evilness of the essence within. I cannot guarantee there won’t be consequences of this act either” Eir said emotionlessly, her honey golden eyes glowing as she started making the same mix she’d prepared for you.

“What can we do? I will do anything so he lives!” you said, smelling the light scent of herbs melting together in the bowl.

“I feel so close to you right now it’s like a force field” Tony hummed a song you were sure Eir wouldn’t recognize, you turned to face him with an empty face. He gave you his sarcastic wide smirk you’d terribly miss if something happened to him.

“We will need to pray as he drinks” Eir said and pushed a strand of her flaming red hair back, her eyes were fixed on the bowl.

“Like a ritual? Like a magic prayer or something?” you anxiously asked and moved a few steps away and closer to where Tony was and his face seemed to flicker to life with you coming closer.

“My powers alone may not be enough, given that you carry my sister’s soul you will enhance my magic” she said quietly and sat right before Tony. You pulled a chair and sat right next to her, you waited for her to say something and couldn’t even sit down still. You saw that she pulled out a dagger from around her waist again and extended her hand before the bowl. The goddess of healing took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Repeat after me” she whispered. You looked into Tony’s eyes and saw that even he seemed serious and confused. You shut down your entire being and looked into the bowl, you wanted to do this right and save your friend.

“Jeg kuttet din bitterhet” you repeated after her and jumped back when she cut her palm and blood started to drop in the bowl to form the purple solution you’d chugged down at once before. Tony was completely frozen on his spot and you couldn’t blame him.

“Fordi du rense alle” you once more repeated and put your hand on Tony’s.

“Av levende ord som gjorde
Mannen uter anger”

You saw that Eir seemed to be in some sort of a trance, her snow white hands cupped the bowl and she handed it to Tony without even opening her eyes. You nodded in your approval and he took it without saying anything which was very surprising for you. You saw the genius billionaire gulping and staring at the bowl with disgust. You joined Eir in her repetition of the prayer and also bowed your head down; from the corner of your eyes you saw that Tony chugged down the drink at once. You saw the beautiful Valkyrie’s head slowly becoming erect as she finished the prayer and looked into Tony’s curious eyes. She let out a deep sigh and turned to face you.

“You have a pure heart, ____(y/n). You’d make an excellent cleric” she said and patted your shoulder. You smiled widely at her since you knew her words confirmed Tony would be okay and you wouldn’t be responsible for a dear Avenger’s death. You threw yourself on Iron Man’s chest and hugged him tightly—listening to the calm humming coming off of the reactor on his chest.

“No more French kisses, please?” he told you and patted you with a true smile. Your happiness was regardless clouded by Eir’s words since you weren’t sure what side effects this event was going to have on him.
Hello my Loki lovers and Hiddlestoners,

So here we are with what happens to Tony which will prove to be a vital asset for you later on. Tony is just awesome; I can’t get enough of this man! As you see, this chapter doesn’t just yet show you what really happened to him it only ensures that he’s “okay” but to what extend? Yeah he will live but what will be the side effects?

The Context: After Tony realizes what you’ve done, he doesn’t seem very comfortable. Without waiting for anyone’s approval or word, you sweep him off his feet and bring him to a place that is very familiar to you—Eir’s healing room. You don’t mess around and directly dive into the subject. She seems to be confident that she can heal him but it still doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be side effects. You join her in her Norse healing ritual and Tony drinks up the solution. He seems to be okay, but is he really? We shall see in the next chapter what the heck is happening to him!!

The ritual prayer translates to this: "I cut your bitterness. Because you purify all. By the living Word that made man without regret."

Please add this to you :+fav:s if you enjoyed Tony humming that song! LOL Your support really keeps me going guys, thanks so much it really means so much to me!!! :icontonydoughnutplz: FANDRAL MEETING APPROACHES!!!!! MUAHAHAHAAHA

Previous Chapter NEXT CHAPTER You can also check the entire story at the HTK Gallery
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