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August 8, 2013
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Thor loosened his grasp on you and you pushed yourself on the ground. You weakly crawled towards the Iron Man suit that had bunch of disconnected wires coming out of its broken surface and your eyes were filled with tears assuming Tony was dead. You saw Thor growling and shooting himself directly towards Loki without a word and they started fighting each other, not playfully like brothers but as true enemies going for the lives of one another. As you saw Loki fighting Thor with his scepter on top of his chariot, you put your hand in your ear to talk to the rest of the Avengers for help.

“Steve! Steve, Loki is here! Please, we’re very close to the Stark tower and it’s on my north. P-please, Tony is…” you couldn’t finish your sentence and held your right hand on your mouth trying to keep the pain within.

“We’re coming ____(y/n), Bruce is in our perimeter we’ll bring the whole party there!” Steve shouted vividly.

You held Tony’s helmet tightly and pulled out its face with ease and threw it to the side to see Tony’s serene image and closed eyes, a thick stream of blood was flowing down his cheek into his open mouth. You growled viciously and started feeling hatred towards Loki who’d been fighting Thor while laughing happily. You saw that Steve and the two inseperable S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were running towards your direction and killing alien soldiers at the same time. You caught agent Barton’s unswerving disgust after he spotted Loki’s figure. He calmly shot an explosive arrow toward him and it gracefully landed on Loki’s cape, the God of Mischief was totally tossed to the side with the force. Thor took this advantage and threw Mjolnir on top of him and disabled him from moving.

Steve fell on his knees by you and looked at Tony’s figure, his eyes immediately narrowed and his lips curled into sadness before he put his hand on his neck to check for his pulse. You saw Natasha running down to Loki’s direction while Clint joined the circle around him but kept fighting as well. You saw that Thor kicked the scepter form Loki’s hand almost a block away, he seemed like he was tired of Loki’s games.

“No pulse ____(y/n)… I’m so sorry…” Steve’s voice broke and his eyes turned red with tears. Your arms were pulsing and swelling with the mixture of feelings you’d been feeling, an odd idea popped in your mind and you swiftly pulled out a dagger from one of the straps going around your waist.

“Don’t worry” you told Steve and cut your arm without hesitation; it started bleeding and spread down your arm.

“____(y/)! What are you doing?” Steve freaked out and stared at you with amazement and confusion. You put your arm right before Tony’s face and your blood dripped into his mouth, mixing with his own blood flowing down his head.

“I have Valkyrie blood flowing inside me, it has healing powers” you said and tried to wrap up your wound but you only smeared it on your entire arm. Steve violently pulled out the other sleeve of your shirt and helped you cover it up. You heard a loud growl from your left side and the Hulk jumped down in the area all the Avengers and you were located, he looked around and stomped his feet—he seemed disappointed to see Loki already defeated.

You heard a cough and looked at Tony’s eyes that were now open. He blinked his eyes awkwardly and looked at Steve and then you with a questioning face. You saw his tongue going over his lips with a surprised expression. He froze for a moment before his robust voice echoed in your ears.

“Please tell me you French kissed me” he said and you laughed and hugged him at the same time. You were just so happy to hear him, no matter what he said. You wiped away your tears before Steve patted you on your shoulder.

“Good work ____(y/n). I’m proud of you” he said and turned around to hear the heated argument going over where Loki was laying down. The super soldier frowned and nodded at you before heading in that direction. You also got up on your feet and let out your hand to Tony. He took it and rose up, his Iron Man suit was reshaping and you saw the blue circle of light coming back alive and smiled at him. He blinked at you and you both headed towards Loki. The area felt oddly empty with the soldiers retreating for no reason.

You stood the farthest away from him and looked down at his battered figure, he grinned widely at all the Avengers. You saw Hawkeye coming over him and kicking him in his tummy, Loki only gave out a chuckle with the impact.

“I told you we had unfinished business, you son of a bitch” he said with resentment, after all you decided that he deserved to treat him this way adding on the fact that he almost killed Tony Stark. Thor frowned and looked at you, asking you to come over with his eyes. You shook your head in disapproval and he sighed.

“Where are your allies and why are you on Earth, Loki? You better tell me because I will not even blink before I kill you, brother!” Thor told him with his booming voice, you’d never seen him so angry he almost reminded you of Odin’s cold blooded figure when he told you about Skadi’s punishment.

“It does not matter. Asgard will soon fall and there’s nothing you can do. Midgard is only the beginning, Thor. Go tell your ‘father’ of the news” Loki said and laughed out in his insanity.

“Our plan is no secret. You cannot stop it. But I must admit I didn’t expect you to be so foolish to bring her here” he added and glanced over your figure. You kept your gaze on Steve and smiled at him. He was smiling back at you like he knew you were doing the right thing by keeping your eyes away from Loki’s poisonous green ones.

“What were you planning to do with ____(y/n)? What does Surtur have to do with all this?” Thor shouted once more. Loki’s laugh was silenced under the Hulk’s growl as he spotted another chariot coming down from the sky.

You saw the familiar wide grin on the red monster’s face, his golden armor shone under the bright sky and he slowly descended where all of you were standing with Loki under Mjolnir’s weight. You pulled out your bow and aimed between Thanos’ eyes. He tilted his head and smiled broadly at your figure that reminded him of the winter huntress.
Hello dear Loki lovers and Hiddlestoners,

THIS CHAPTER IS DEDICATED TO HAWKEYE :iconovariesplz::iconjeremyrennerplz::iconovariesplz: You bastard, I TOLD YOU I WOULD LET YOU BRING THE BUSINESS TO LOKI! Time to make up for chapter 16 :meow:

I am so freaking excited for this chapter I cant even just stay still! An epic cliffhanger as always my dears, I hope you enjoy it! And I guess this is good news for all those who were worried about our beloved Tony Stark’s fate… or is it really good news?

The Context: Thor doesn’t give Loki any breather and jumps to fight him without a word. The Avengers unite and you stare at Tony’s dead figure, but then a brilliant idea pops in your mind. You have Valkyrie blood that even regressed your condition after the Scepter’s essence had taken over you, taking this advantage you give Tony your blood and the beautiful blue lights of the arc reactor blink before it comes back on! Thanos comes into the scene now, what the hell is gonna happen? The Avengers are united and you are a fully capable Jotun huntress, we shall see in the next chapter! Oh, and does it feel like Loki was too weak in this fight? There’s actually a good reason for this you will eventually understand it all!

Please add this to your :+fav: because Tony Stark is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! You shoulda known that I wouldn’t dare to kill one of the men that I’m a hardcore fan of :icontonyreallyplz:

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