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July 15, 2013
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Time was going by rather slow sitting up in a bed in the middle of a technology heaven. Steve was fast asleep on the couch across your bench. He’d been watching over you ever since he ran into you at the café and you truly appreciated his help and support. You didn’t know him but his actions tonight alluded that, you could say, he was a good man. You made a mental note to yourself that if you were to ever get out of this situation alive and well, you’d get to be friends with him and know him better as you purely felt sympathy for all his loss. You considered all the Avengers in your mind and concluded that he was the one that lost most because in a sense he lost his life. You stared at his serene figure on the couch. While Steve was taking a small nap, Tony was buried behind his computers, running tests alongside J.A.R.V.I.S to dig up more data about your situation as he drank about three cups of coffee.

“How does he not go into a caffeine coma?”

You were feeling much better now, your body seemed less reactive to whatever was flowing in your arms and the worst part was the fact that you could think better. You recalled over and over the way you kissed Loki, it was so vivid that you could feel his lips against yours again. It made no sense to you to see him so subordinate to Thanos’ authority. If you magically couldn’t teleport yourself you probably would be tied up by him, being dragged wherever Thanos pleased to be used as a power plant for whatever evil they planned to do.  It was obvious to you that Loki might have bended the story just a little bit. You recalled him in your room explaining you that you could be a superior being that could save the universe. You grunted uncontrollably as you pondered on the idea. It was more like you’d be a power plant for an evil king and on top of that, that crazy monster told you he’d make you his queen. The idea made you want to puke. But the idea that Loki was going to close his eyes to all of that made you feel more desperate.

“Sir, Dr. Banner is requesting access” J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice echoed in the still room and made you and Steve jump.

“Granted” Tony muttered as he walked through all the machinery around him and headed straight to the elevator.

The doors slowly opened and you saw a man with a dark purple shirt, his face seemed too tired and the color under his eyes almost matched his shirt color. He seemed slightly annoyed and almost reluctant to be there and you wouldn’t blame him. He gave Tony a stare with a forced smile and walked towards him for an awkward hug.

“Tony” he said as he stretched his arms around him, he blinked at Steve who was awakened in the process and gave you a quick stare.

“Doctor, I need you to look at this data. I’ve never seen anything like it” Tony said as he let go of Dr. Banner and walked in the middle of the room.


The whole room was suddenly lit up with many test results, graphs and charts that you could make no sense out of. You weren’t alone in this as Steve got up and walked into the room with the same confused face that you had. He stopped next to you and looked around to comprehend the strange surroundings, he seemed like he miserably failed too. Tony and Dr. Banner walked around the room examining the blue glowing screens with frowns. Dr. Banner put on his glasses and crossed his arms with a sigh.

“Please start further analysis on this particular substance” he said as he pointed at a list of elements and their percentage values that you figured was present in your blood, however some were labeled “unknown”.

“Yes, sir” J.A.R.V.I.S replied formally to Dr. Banner. Tony came close to a graph and tapped on it.

“Doctor, I’ve done a DNA profiling and the results are extraordinary” Dr. Banner approached the results keeping perfectly quiet.

“My god…” he whispered to Tony.

“Can someone tell us what the hell is going on?” Steve broke his silence as he took a couple steps further into the circle of mysteries you had no idea about.

“Her DNA… is… it’s not typical. Her sequences are different, more complex than any human or any species we know of” Dr. Banner told Steve with worry and gave you a glare.

“Sir, the unidentified material in the blood sample is highly radioactive and is unknown to the planet” J.A.R.V.I.S said and added more to your tension growing. Tony came closer to you as he twitched awkwardly.

“I am human… Tony, please” you said as you put yourself together to stand up, Steve reached back for you to hold you in case you lost your balance.

“No ____(y/n), no, I know you’re not lying to us…” he said as he looked into the screens and turned his glinting eyes to you.

“I’m afraid you ‘were’ human” Dr. Banner said and tapped into more data on the screens.

Steve caught you before you fell on your feet and held you up; you were hyperventilating with what you just discovered. Your heartache grew louder as you had flashbacks that took you back to just a couple days before when you were completely fine and happy. Loki’s warm smile in your mind made you blink awkwardly to wipe away the blue stain on your eyes again but it was no use.

“The material, it’s not just an element it’s more complex than that. You see here…” Dr. Banner pointed at the screen.

“This is electromagnetic, this… this is not a single element it’s a compound of light and an energy source. The radioactive material should have already denaturalized your cells.” Dr. Banner was speaking a language that you just didn’t understand. He came closer to you and looked into your eyes.

“Mind if I…uh, look?” he said as he gently reached for your face. You didn’t reply and he examined your eyes. Tony sighed and anxiously joined him; your eyes went back and forth between theirs.

“Her eyes have become fluorescent; this only supports my theory about the material being electromagnetic. It’s…”

“It’s like sunlight” Tony said and stared at Dr. Banner.

“But it’s also liquid…” Doctor frowned.

“I’m growing tired of your lustrous language guys. Can you just tell me what all this means?” Steve grunted as he held onto your waist tightly. You were silenced in your melancholy; the more the smart men talked the more you felt you were close to death.

“I believe that the scepter’s essence is what’s mixed into her blood and started a transmutation in her DNA. For some reason, she’s adapting to it than die from it. However the radioactive material is nonetheless very dangerous…” Tony enlightened Steve as he scratched his head.

“How dangerous?” your obscure voice filled the room. The three men exchanged looks and kept silent.

“Just tell me what’s happening?!” you shouted with tears filling your eyes in a flash. Your anger covered your heart and your hands started pulsing again. You stared at them with amazement, Steve held onto you.

“____(y/n) please, keep calm. It’s hurting you… just please” he whispered to you as his both hands were on your back to keep you up. Dr. Banner came closer to you and looked into your eyes again.

“It’s heightened with emotion. Its nature may be similar to the other guy” he narrowed his eyes.

“The other guy?” you asked as Steve entrusted you to sit down.

“He’s talking about the Hulk” Tony curled his lip.

Dr. Banner made a gesture to Tony and he quickly went to pull two chairs in the middle of the room right by your bench. Steve was standing up by you with his hands on your shoulders and oddly enough he being there made you feel calmer and more comfortable so you wouldn’t complain or rage. The two genius handsome men sat in front of you. Tony put his arms on his legs and his head faced down as if he knew what was going to happen. Dr. Banner sighed and took off his glasses, staring at you deeply.

“____(y/n), I need you to tell us everything from the very beginning to the smallest detail, everything that’s happened with Loki” Dr. Banner said. After a couple seconds of silence, you took a deep breath and decided to tell them all you went through. But J.A.R.V.I.S’s gentle voice interrupted you before you even started.

“Sir, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. request access”

Dr. Banner’s eyes opened wide and Tony instantly looked up with the same expression as he looked at the elevator.

“Granted” he slowly uttered.
Hello my Loki lovers and Hiddlestoners,

So another Avenger joins the party! I love Bruce so much! :iconadorableplz: I know you’re wondering where Loki is but hold your horses my lovelies, let the Avengers assemble first! It will be quite interesting when the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents join the party, recall Loki’s encounter with Hawkeye? I wonder what he will say! He seemed quite… butthurt when Loki left him LOL.

The Context:So you let the smart men talk, it seems that you are no longer a human being and going through a transmutation presumably irreversable. Tony mentions that the chemical is highly dangerous, does this mean you don’t have much time to live anymore? What will the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. think about you when they come in? Will they believe that you are human and as innocent as you really are? We shall see in the next chapter! :D

Please add this to your :+fav: if you enjoyed reading about smart men discussing your blood sample data or you love Hulk! XD

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